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Beer & booze branded guitars  updated 19/8/2016

These guitars have only one thing in common - alcohol.

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Bass Ale

Bass Ale guitar

Canadian Club Canadian Club telecaster
Fender Budweiser Stratocaster Budweiser stratocaster
Fender Bud Dry Fender Bud Dry
Dean Budweiser This Bud's for you

Dean Budweiser guitar This Bud's for you guitar headstock

Gibson Budweiser

Bud Light strat

Gibson Budweiser Bud light guitar
PRS SE Budweiser Paul Reed Smith Budweiser guitar

Budweiser Chicago

Budweiser Chicago guitar

Dean Busch

  Dean Busch beer guitar

Dean Coors Light

Dean Coors light The Silver Bullet guitar

Corona Fender Corona Unplug your summer acoustic guitar
Guinness The great Guiness Toast guitar
Guinness Guinness Fleadh Gibson guitar

Guinness guitar neck

The Grand Prize from the Guinness Fleadh “Capture the Best of Ireland” Sweepstakes of 1997.

1st PRIZE a Gibson Custom Les Paul Special “Guinness” Guitar. Commissioned by GUINNESS Inc. exclusively for the Worldwide Promotion of the Guinness Fleadh “Capture the Best of Ireland” Sweepstakes

A total of ONLY 25 of these guitars was made for this Worldwide Promotion. Twenty-five Lucky Grand Prize winners each received one of these Beautiful & RARE Guitars!


Source: ebay


Heineken 20 Watt guitar amp

and Heineken Amsterjam guitar

Heinejen keg amplifier

Heineken guitar

Heineken guitar

Epiphone Heineken guitar

Heinekin guitar

Fender Telecaster Heineken Heineken guitar
Jim Beam Red Stag Kid Rock promo Jim Bean Red Stag guitar
Gibson Miller Lite Studio Miller Lite

Miller Lite Squier

Miller Lite guitar

Genuine Miller Draft Fender Squier

Genuine Miller Draft Strat

Miller Music and Miller High Life by Hamer

Miller Beer Guitars 1985-87

Miller Music guitar

Miller High Life gutiar Hamer

Miller blow up promo guitar

Miller Genuine plastic blow up guitar

Molson Canadian Rocks Molson Canadian Rocks

Newcaste Brown Ale Michael Kelly

Newcastle Brown Ale

Newcastle Brown Ale reverse side guitar

Pilsner Urquell

Promotional guitars made by Jackson.

Pilsner Urquell guitar

MDX Southern Comfort MDX Southern Comfort guitar

Rolling Rock Beer

Fender Squier

Stratocaster and Telecaster versions

Images Rolling Rock guitars courtesy of Paul Erickson email October 2014.


Jack Daniels Jack Daniels guitar Jack Daniels guitar

Jack Daniels Old No 7 guitar

Gibson Jack Daniels

Found this on eBay - not sure if came from the factory this way.

Gibson Jack Daniels acoustic guitar Gibson headstock of Jack Daniels guitar
Schecter Jagermeister Schecter Jagermeister
Tanqueray Stratocaster
UV Vodka UV Vodka guitar UV Vodka flying V
Victoria Bitter Australia VB guitar VB Victoria Bitter guitar
Walla Walla

Woodstock Bourbon Woodstock guitar
Tito's Handmade Vodka Epiphone

Tito's Handmade Vodka Epiphone

Beer guitars below from the collection of Rick Wieda, USA [Supplied March 2015]


Titos Vodka & more

This awesome collection has been shared courtesy of Mika Mage, of Newark, DE