Barr Amplification web site was available 2011/12

Made in New York.

From Wayback Machine:

Most of the amps I build are custom designs, as unique and characterful as the individual musician to whom they belong. I usually go back and forth with a client, talk about what amps they have liked or disliked in the past, discuss the sounds of their influences and what they are looking for, and most importantly, get a sense of each player’s personality.

Some people know exactly what they want, while others like to explore a lot of options. Some people want a clone of a classic amp, while others want that classic amp, but with more or less power, or a second channel, reverb, more or less compression, smoother, more aggressive, etc.. Usually I collaborate with the player and we end up creating an entirely new design.

Once a decision is reached, I set to work devising a schematic, sourcing parts, figuring out a layout, measuring, cutting, drilling, filing sanding, positioning and mounting transformers, sockets, cap cans, jacks, pots, switches, lights, etc., etc.. Then comes, the wiring, soldering, checking, re-checking, testing, measuring, playing, tweaking, testing, measuring, playing, etc., and finally the handoff, when the new amp leaves the nest.

I am very passionate about my amplifiers, each build typically takes 4 to 6 weeks – I could build them faster and cheaper, but the world is already full of efficiently-built products, and I like to think that the patience, attention to detail and handcrafted aspect of my builds elevates them to something beyond the usual off-the-shelf amplifiers we have all been buying and selling for years. When an amp is hand-assembled to this level of detail and individuality, not only does it have a startlingly lively and open tone, but each has a distinctive personality – tailor-made to suit its owner.