1994 to 2003.  Currently made by Ed Roman Gene Baker made his first guitar in 7th Grade and in 11th grade made his first neck, truss rod and and fret board. From 1986 he started building guitars and then worked part time for Ernie Ball for 3 months then sacked for being too slow. At age 20 he started making guitars in his parent’s garage under the Mean Gene brand and partnered with .Eric Zoellner which lasted over a year.  From 1991 to 1993 he worked for Master Builder Roger Giffin of the “Gibson West Custom Shop” in North Hollywood, California

As Gibson was planning to close that plant he moved to the Fender Custom Shop in Corona, California in June 1993.  While at Fender Gene established Baker Guitars with Gil Vasquez.  On 1 January 1999 Gene left Fender to take on Baker Guitars full time. [Source: Baker web ]

Baker Guitars stopped production in 2003. Baker guitars name sold to Ed Roman who now makes them see:

Dating Baker Guitar and specification

The following documents are from Wayback Machine:

2003 Baker guitar brochure

2003 Gene Baker Interview

2003 Baker Robben Forde Press release

2003 Baker Briab Wheat Tesla bass press release

Gene Baker started making instruments again around 2007

Currently making guitars under the B3 brand