2006- “After Baker Guitars bankruptcy, I went to Ernie Ball as we hoped for my designs to emerge with EB’s involvement. Gene worked in engineering and quality control for the year and a year later left to mutual differences.

Fine Tuned Instruments home of b3 branded model guitars emerged in mid 2004 although didn’t go into producing new models until March of 2006. b3 models continued to expand until Nov 2009 when FTI partnered with Premier Builders Guild aka PBG a true Guild of well known boutique guitar builders where Gene works closely with all designers to replicate their models to their spec and quality control requirements. At FTI Gene oversees a small talented crew crafting 5 brands including b3, Fano, JG, Koll and Giffin. PBG manages, markets and extends its brands into Two Rock, Tone King and Gjika amplifiers.

Dating B3 guitars

All pre PBG built b3 models used a 4 digit sequential serial number starting with 0_001 to 0_229 before partnering with PBG.

For PBG serial numbers please contact PBG at premeir builders guild.com” [Source and images Gene Baker, email 20/3/2012]