B & B Resophonic Guitars

2003 to present Dan Brooks (b.1958) is sole owner and builder of B & B Resophonic Guitars, made since 2003 in Albany, Ohio USA. Influenced by luthiers Don MacRostie (Red Diamond Mandolins), Todd Sams (Sams Guitars), Al Rorick (Mechanical Amplification) and various other resophonic guitar makers.

Solid wood body construction (Various woods), Sound Post/Open Soundwell (occasional clear plexiglas baffle bolted to inner cone ring, Bolt-On Neck, Flat Peghead.

Identifying and dating B & B Resophonic Guitars

Sticker with Name, Address and Date of Manufacture inside body under cone. MOP Logo with “B & B” inlaid at 12th Fret. [Source & images: Dan Brooks, email 12/2/2010]