Antonio Tsai

A Tsai

Be careful when buying Antonio Tsai guitars and mandolins Taiwan per Be warned

But the following has been provided by Kenn Gordon a luthier from the UK.

“Hi just noticed the Warning for antonio tsai Guitars
there is a problem NOT with the Genuine Antonio Tsai Guitars
the Problem lies in the ones that are either made by his Students or worse by the large number of Vietnamese workshops claiming to be Antonio Tsai
Antonio Tsai originally made Quality Instruments
However he was in such demand to do inlay work that he decided to run workshops to teach would be Luthiers
and also to teach his methods
Antonio has all but gone into hiding now due to the bad press alloted to him by the low end factories and luthiers who use his name
A real Antonio Tsai bears His name at the top of the headstock and some have a WHITE paper label inside
and other just a pencil mark Bearing His Initials that look like this Sometimes seen on his label as well (but sometimes under it
you will find the Ones with the YELLOW Labels are Fake Tsai and quite often they even have the name on the top of the headstock are both spelt differently (yet another marker of a poor copy artist)
His Paper Labels as stated are either plain with paper with a pencil signature or they are a Printed label that looks like this The first 5 pictures are Genuine Antonio Tsai made in Taiwan. the Printed label dates from the mid – late 1990’s
The Tuners on a Genuine Tsai will be either Grover or Gotoh
Most copies and Students guitars use lower end Wilkinson or FAKE Grovers
Genuine Antonio Tsai Guitars are made from solid woods and not plywoods
Genuine Antonio Tsai Guitars have a Full Volute
and a Wooden Cap to the heel
Genuine Antonio Tsai do NOT have the binding cut through for the frets the binding to the fingerboard is done in the same way as Gibson
It is a shame that this mans works have been maligned but the fakes and student guitars”