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Advertise on jedistar  2/7/2013

If your business is related to musical instruments and guitars in particular then jedistar.com might be a useful part of your marketing strategy. It is not a commercial site - just a hobby - and has been growing since early 2007. Jedistar does not artificially inflate traffic with bulk search engine submits, pay for SEO services or advertise. 


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If you are a luthier, guitar factory, amplifier, effects or drum maker send me information on your brand, when you were founded, where your products are made, how you can tell where they were made, and some photos of brands/trademarks, serial number date codes, and photos of the maker/founder. I will create an entry for your brand with a link to your web site.


If you want to use jedistar as ad space:

Please please submit your proposal and we will work something out.


Please send samples to:


18 Foxhill St

Aspley 4034



Jedistar visitors

Jedistar gets more than 500 visits per day. Average on site time is about two (2) minutes



For reference my Alexa rank in September 2008 was around 3,916,441.

Visits come from 109 countries but note jedistar is not big in North Korea. The most popular pages are low watt valve amps and travel guitars.